Write What Frightens You

Write what frightens you, what feels too dangerous to say. Don’t worry about publishing it, or even submitting it for publication—unless and until you want to. Just know what it is. It’ll be the core of your writing and where you are most likely to find your voice, your subjects. And, of course, read, as much as you can, without fear of being influenced or intimidated. Read for pleasure, read for fun, read to be infuriated and to be inspired, to figure out “how did she do that?” Along the way you’ll figure out what you can take from all this reading and make it your own.

- Diana Fitzgerald Bryden


Diana Fitzgerald Bryden is the author of No Place Strange, longlisted for an IMPAC Dublin prize. Her essay Dog Days appears in The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood.

Feel Free To Make Mistakes